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Advisor Code:
Enter the pairing code if you are assisted by a financial advisor.

If you have chosen a DIRECTA Authorized Partner Bank we will get you in touch with a representative of the bank regarding the contractual aspects of the bank accounts.

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Select the identification method between SPID or via webcam

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For the opening of an indirect account, the identification will take place at the selected bank and then you will sign the contract digitally.

2 User Data

Residence: to be filled only in case it's different from your home address  

3 Bank Account Data

Indicate a bank account in your name.

4 First Password
(minimum 8, maximum 25, case sensitive - we suggest to include letters, numbers and special characters: the €,$,&,%,' and " character will not be accepted)
We kindly reccomend you to change the above indicated password upon your first login.

5 Commission Plan

The standard commission plan at the account opening is the flat one, you can change your plan in the private area of the site upon the first access if you prefer a commission plan as a percentage of the equivalent

6 Derivatives and Margins

We would like to inform our Customers that, Following a recent communique issued by the CONSOB, with reguard to the "Complex Financial products" we have made changes to the leveraged instruments' subscription procedures.
We have prepared a questionnaire certifying their degree of knowledge, the passing of this test enables traders to fully operate on such financially complex instruments, which will be prompted at the 1st login into the account. Customers who are coming from other brokers can demonstrate Their knowledge of operating on such leveraged instruments to Directa by just sending a bank statement showing operations carried out on those financial instruments. Customers who did not certify, in any of these ways their knowledge on the leveraged products trading logic would be able to open positions by using the margin, only if the related underlying product's notional value will be less than 5,000 Euros .

7 Anti-Money Laundry Regulation

Pursuant to the provisions of current legislation (Legislative Decree 231/2007 amended from Decree Legislativo 90/17 art.18), in order to achieve a comprehensive knowledge on our customers, we are bound to ask you information about your occupation and on the purpose of your relationship with our company.

We kindly remind you to comply with the current regulation and as it requires the customer shall supply and update all the requested information necessary to the broker for the fulfillment of these legal obligations (art.22).

Information sheet

1) Primary Occupation
or (other professions)
If employee please indicate the contract type:
Business field
Gross annual income (It is the total gross annual income which includes salary, self-employment income, rents, investment income, other income):
Source of the funds transfered to Directa
2) Country of Occupation
3) Purpose and nature of the relationship with Directa
4) Are you a politically exposed person? (define)

8 Appropriateness Evaluation

In order to better evaluate the Appropriateness of the Investment regarding the knowledge and the risk associated with the investments the customer chooses to make, we are duty-bound by the existing laws to ask you some information, even sensitive ones, relating to your personal privacy.     
Please feel free to contact us if you need further information or require greater details.

Questionnaire for the evaluation of the appropriateness

a) Former experience on services, investment and financial instruments or degressive one.
a.1 Financial instruments

a.2 Banking and Financial Services

so far, I have used the following services:

b) Nature, Size and Frequency of the Financial Operations
b.1 Nature of the operations

I pursue the following objectives when choosing a financial instrument. 

b.2 Size of the Operations

I usually invest in stocks a percentage of my assets equal to:

I usually invest in derivatives a percentage of my assets equal to:

b.3 Frequency of the Operations

I usually make a monthly number of trades in the following range:

c) Grade Levels and Occupation
c.1 Education

I have the following Academic qualification:

c.2 Occupation

I am employed (or I have been employed for at least one year in the past) in the banking/financial sector.

d) Assets and financial statement
d.1 Summary asset indicator (is the total value of its bank deposits, movable and real estate property, including sums present in Directa and net of debts):
d.2 Summary Income indicator (it is the total gross annual income which includes salary, self-employment income, rents, financial income, other annuities):

9 Quotation Usage Profile

For the purpose of the quotation usage provided by the various Markets the Customer requests to be classified as:


The quotation utilization requires the customer:

    a) not to redistribute, republish, or provide information to third parties, or on behalf of third parties;
    b) to acknowledge the legal and intellectual property rights of the information;
    c) to authorize Directa whenever requested by the rightful owner or assignees, to provide his identification data, and the way the information has been used, for the purpose of legitimacy verification
    d) to ensure to notify Directa within seven days whenever the circumstances comfirmed in this declaration were to be missed.

10 Notifications

11 Promo code

Please keep handy

  • An ID document
  • Italian Tax Code
  • An IBAN code