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Bank Account for Depositing Money and Securities 


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Commission Plan*

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Italian Stocks: Proportional commission
Sedex (CW, Certificates...): Proportional commission
CME Futures on Currencies, Gold and Silver: $3 per contract
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Directa Document Delivery Preferred Method and Corresponding Costs.*

Please select the execution confirmation report delivery method: 

Online in realtime free of charge 
Printed postal shipping of each execution, EUR 2,50 each  
Printed monthly postal shipping, EUR 0,50 each   
Printed report of each execution, EUR 0,10 each stored in Directa Archives and EUR 10 for each requested shipping to your address.     

Please select the Statement of Account delivery method: 

Realtime online delivery free of charge 
Printed monthly postal shipping, EUR 10 each Statement of Account  
 Printed quarterly postal shipping, EUR 10 each Statement of Account 
 Printed annual postal shipping, EUR 10 each Statement of Account 

Trading in Derivative Instruments or on Margin (Long/ Short)

Do you wish to operate in derivative financial instruments and/or trade on margin (Long/Short) as set forth in the Master Agreement - Part III?

  We would like to inform our Customers that, Following a recent communique issued by the CONSOB, with reguard to the "Complex Financial products" we have made changes to the leveraged instruments' subscription procedures.
We have prepared a questionnaire certifying their degree of knowledge the passing of this test enables to fully operate on such financial complex instruments.
Customers who are coming from other brokers can demonstrate Their their knowledge of operating on such leveraged instruments to Directa by just sending a bank statement showing operations carried out on those financial instruments.
Customers who did not certify, in any of these ways their knowledge on the leveraged products trading logic would be able to open positions by using the margin, only if the related underlying product's notional value wil will be less than 5,000 Euros .

Anti Money Laundering Information

Based on current regulation ( Decreto Legislativo 90/17 art.18), in order to achieve a comprehensive knowledge on our customers, we are bound to ask you information about your occupation and on the purpose of your relationship with our company.

We kindly remind you to comply with the current regulation the customer shall supply and update all requested information on a regular basis (art.22).
1) Primary Occupation

   Blue Collar
   White Collar
   Middle Management
   Other (please indicate)       
Other (please indicate)
Starting Year of Current Occupation

2) Country of Occupation

3) Purpose and nature of the relationship with Directa

Mostly investment
Mostly trading
Other (please indicate)

4) Are you a politically exposed person? 

No, I am not
Yes, I am a politically exposed person, since


In order to better evaluate the Appropriateness of the Investment regarding the knowledge and the risk associated with the investments the customer chooses to make, we are duty-bound by the existing laws to ask you some information, even sensitive ones, relating to your personal privacy.     
Please feel free to contact us if you need further information or details.

Information for Appropriateness Evaluation

a) Former experience on services, investment and financial instruments 

a.1 Financial instruments

I never made any investment in financial instruments.
I invested in one or more of the following financial instruments (please put a check mark on one or more of the following):

Bonds, Government Securities and the likes
Mutual, Pension and Insurance Funds, ETF and the likes.
Derivatives (Options and Futures), Warrant, Covered Warrant, Invest.Certificates 

a.2 Banking and Financial Services

Until today I used the following services:
General Banking Services
Asset Management
Online Trading

b) Nature, Size and Frequency of the Financial Operations

b.1 Nature of the operations

I pursue the following objectives when choosing a financial instrument. 
Capital preservation and slow growth.
Fast Capital growth even facing relevant risks.
Fast Capital growth even facing the risk of losing more than the amount invested (as it may occur using speculative instruments such as derivatives, margin trading, short selling and the likes).  

b.2 Size of the Operations

I usually invest in stocks a percentage of my assets equal to:
0 - 10% of my assets
10 - 30% of my assets
more than 30% of my assets

I usually invest in derivatives a percentage of my assets equal to:
0 - 5% of my assets
5 - 15% of my assets
more than 15% of my assets

b.3 Frequency of the Operations

I usually make a monthly number of trades in the following range:
0 - 5
6 -30
30 +

c) Grade Levels and Occupation

c.1 Education

I have the following Academic qualification:
Intermediate school or lower
High School
Post Graduate or Master

c.2 Occupation

I am employed (or I have been employed for at least one year in the past) in the banking/financial sector.

d) Additional information that you wish to provide on your financial situation (rough amount in Euro)

Available Cash
Real Estate
Financial Assets
Other Assets
Debt (mortgages, consumer finance and the likes)
Year Income (after taxes)

Customer Classification for Market Data Usage

For the use of the quotations provided by the various Markets the Customer requests to be classified as:
A private "non-professional" user, as he is not using the market data carry out activity involving in those reserved for the promoters, financial advisors, or professional figures from the field  especially, the customer will utilize the data exclusively to manage his own personal investments,and none for commercial use or for providing advice to third parties;
N. B.: The customer accepts from this moment to bear any additional costs and relieves Directa from any charges, in the case where this declaration was to be disputed by the markets.
a professional user, as he indends to utilize the market data for professional purposes. The usage of these data requires payment of periodical fees  for the professional users, as requested by each market or other data providers.
The quotation utilization requires the customer:

a) not to redistribute, republish, or provide information to third parties, or on behalf of third parties;

b) to acknowledge the legal and intellectual property rights of the information;

c) to authorize Directa whenever requested by the rightful owner or assignees, to provide his identification data, and the way the information has been used, for the sake of verifying legitimacy

d) to undertake to notify Directa within seven days whenever the circumstances comfirmed in this declaration were to be missed.


Directa Agreement Delivery Method

Please select the agreement delivery method:
By Mail (estimated time: 8 working days).
Shipping service A signature at the reception is needed, please be sure that someone will be available at the delivery address: Please provide a different delivery address if needed. 


Information for our Offices:


We kindly ask for your cooperation in order to improve our services and marketing efforts. Thank you in advance for your help.

How did you get to know Directa? (multiple answers are accepted)

Word of Mouth
Search Engines
Our online ads ---> Which website?
Printed Ads ---> Which Magazine or Newspaper?
News item ----> Where?
Do you have any previous knowledge or experience in online trading?
No/Almost none
Average/Below Average (e.g. through online Banking service)—
Advanced (e.g. dedicated online trading service)
Can you please define your knowledge about the financial markets?
Average/Below Average


I have read and accept the privacy policy as requested by DL 196/03  Privacy Policy Current Regulation
(last update Mar. 30th 2012)